A mix of left brain and a whole lot of right brain creativity

Toby Anderson

President + CEO

There’s much to be said for education and approach. What works for one may not always work for another. Toby knows this all too well and first hand. He is a dedicated educator with many years under his belt formulating and teaching new concepts. He is adept at finding solutions to creatively engaging a wide range of diverse, individual personalities to a successful end. He is highly considered among the most effective in his field and brings with him a level and conservative leadership style. His knowledge base is vast with a proven track record in the psychology of influence and delivery. His effectiveness is in the value he brings to identifying and isolating these differences while finding the common thread. Toby’s desire to bring about positive results in unique ways is in itself something your company or brand covets on a daily basis in its bottom line.


Detail Oriented

Needs Driven

Frank Clemente

Creative Marketing Director

As Creative Marketing Director, Frank brings with him a unique 360 sense of how things look and work. Knowing that perception is part of the battle to influencing behavior, he works closely with the team in formulating ways to awareness and likeability. He’s a 30+ year veteran of the inner workings around how color and light affect aesthetics and mood. Throughout his career, he’s assembled countless accolades and awards for his design work. As former half of the creative duo of a major event design and production firm, his reputation for creativity and excellence are well documented. He has a keen eye for leading the way in designing what will become trends. Frank’s constant drive to deliver ever evolving experiences that are full of robust imagination and creativity are contributions you want on your side when connecting your company or brand with your coveted demographic.


Outside the Box

Design Driven

Lynn McGhee

Lead Experiential Design Strategist

Finding unique and impactful ways to deliver content in a visual realm are at Lynn’s core. As Lead Experiential Design Strategist, he works closely with the Creative Director. Together with an elite class of partners he conceives, then breathes life into, the sensory collaboration and ultimate production. What works for some demographic groups is not always the same for others. The subtle reasons and differences why are where he excels. As a design pioneer during South Beach’s renaissance, it was his work that brought the club and lounge scene to prominence. He’s traveled the world extensively as lead production designer for countless entertainment headliners. Lynn’s personal dedication to beautiful and attractive results are proud staples that will set your company or brand apart from the noise.



Production Driven

Are you ready for the right amount of more?

We know smart experiential design - we basically wrote the book on it. With well over 40+ combined years’ experience in the business of building dazzling buzz for corporations, brands and non-profits alike, we know how demographic marketing works. For example, by the time our work unfolds, all the guesswork has been taken out.

We know the likes and dislikes of your desired demographic audience and in turn create experiences that by design have been engineered to connect on an emotional level. We know how to grab attention, keep it and how to get you noticed in the process… but knowing how is only the beginning. How we do it is by intelligently harnessing precise information then mapping it to fit to your specific needs for optimal targeted demographic reach. All this is ways that visually creative, unique and uncommon.